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       HELP make October 3rd

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Day

A Grass Roots Call to Action! 

Treat your Body Right!  

No one woman will have all of the signs, and some may only have a few, a rash in most cases can be missed in darker skin tones, lighter skin tones will show quickly.  Everyone is different, we need the doctors to know what they are looking at.

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-Bring Awareness to Inflammatory Breast Cancer

  -Temporary help women and men in treatment with Financial Support.

-Educational Support

-Advocate for those fighting this disease

Working Together to Further IBC Awareness. Your gift will help make a difference.

There are many Volunteer options to choose from.  Contact us today to continue to help make a positive impact to the lives of Breast Cancer Patients and their families   

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Even if it takes years, we will fight until we have a National Day for Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  We proclaim October 3rd National Inflammatory Breast Cancer Day.  A Grass Roots Call To Action!  We have 1908 names and we need to reach 100,000 names to receive notice on this issue.  Please support this campaign by signing up and/or sharing to someone else.  

Good nutrition is important for those going through breast cancer treatment.  Everything you put into your body should provide nutrition, hydration and immune support.  Cancer and its treatments will take a strong body and strong mind to beat it.   Here are a few things you can do right now to begin your journey toward good health.   


Keeping a positive attitude is the only way you are going to get through this journey.  Stay strong, Try to focus on whats important to you, Be Kind, Believe, Smile, Laugh, Hug, and Hope!  

Water! Water! Water!

One of the most important things you can do for your body is to drink Alkaline water and LOTS of water.   We like to try and challenge ourselves to drink a minimum of 64 oz a day and we encourage all who is reading this note to do the same. 


Eliminating toxins from your body enables your immune system to fight diseases,  infections and overall keeping your body running smoothly. Juicing and water are great ways to detox your body.  


Try to get at least 30  minutes of exercise 4-5 times a week. Fresh air and exercise reduce stress and increase circulation of the blood and lymphs.  A walk can spark your appetite, mood, and over well being. ​​

If any signs are present on or about the breast or surrounding area CONSULT A DOCTOR!.

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