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The Breast Cancer Without a Lump!

Research and Awareness 

​Educational resources are very important for many women and men facing IBC breast cancer. To address this need Fighting 4 the Tatas is out spreading the word through our brochures, regional community meetings, national conferences, speaking engagements, seminars, conferences, workshops and Expos.  

​If someone you know has recently been diagnosed, in treatment or recovery,  contact us.  

The world needs to know about Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and learning the basics of IBC could save your life!  

1st Problem

Not many know that there are different types of breast cancers out there, and one of them is IBC.

2nd Problem

The medical community are often mis-diagnosing IBC as a breast infection and once they figure its not an infection the patient has lost ample amount of time to start a treatment plan, therefore IBC is found in the late stages which drives up the mortality rates.  

We want to help spread the word that this particular breast cancer has no lump and is not detected by mammograms  IBC symptoms can develop very suddenly, is aggressive and deadly.  Research is also just as important as awareness to help find a cure.