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Welcome back to our 2nd Annual Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Festival in the Park and Walk.  This year, we are continuing to fight for more recognition so that our communities can be aware of all types of breast cancers, especially the more aggressive ones, like Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) and Triple Negative (IBC).  Breast cancer touches lives every day. It not only affects the lives of those diagnosed but the lives of friends and family members as well.  The Breast Cancer Awareness  Festival in The Park is a free event designed to educate and support those dealing with Inflammatory Breast Cancer, Triple Negative (IBC), Invasive Ductal, Locally Advance and all other breast cancers and it is presented by Fighting 4 the Tatas Inflammatory Breast Cancer Incorporated a non-profit 501(c)(3) California Corporation.

We are still fighting for a State Proclamation In-Perpetuity recognizing Oct 3rd as a State Holiday Observance.  In 2018 we had Senate Resolution SCR-97 authored by Senator Connie Leyva and this year, 2019 our Assemble member Eloise Gomez Reyes of district 47 is the author of Resolution (ACR) 94 Inflammatory Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  Fighting 4 the Tatas Breast Cancer wants to honor, remember and celebrate those who have been impacted by breast cancer. At this event, we will offer information to help those diagnosed cope with treatments and support those battling the disease and their families.

One of the highlights that was a great success last year was, "The Ribbon Wall of Love,"  where anyone could come, sign their name or message on our fighting lady ribbon, pin that ribbon to our wall of love and recognize those who have lost their lives to breast  cancer and those who are currently in the fight.  "The ribbon wall of love," is a wonderful way for loved ones to honor those who mean the world to them and/or encourage those who are currently fighting this horrible disease.   

THE 2nd ANNUAL INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER AWARENESS FESTIVAL IN THE PARK AND WALK, 7:30 am to 4:00 PM at Rialto City Park, 130 N. San Bernardino Avenue in Rialto, CA. Saturday, October 5, 2019.  This event is so inspiring for the women, men, and families in our community who have been affected by inflammatory breast cancer and all other breast cancers. So come and have some fun!  

About the Festival