"Loving the me that I See!" 
Description of Program: This program focuses on bringing patients self-esteem back to where it was before the treatments started and sometimes even higher than before. Our goal is to help restore confidence and a positive self-image during and after undergoing breast cancer treatments.  We want everybody to love what they see in the mirror and we accomplish these goals by focusing on the patient's mind, spirit and then the body because everything starts from within. ​



General Fund
Donations given to the General Fund will be distributed equally amongst all of our programs. If you would like to choose a specific program(s) to donate to please feel free.

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The Breast Cancer Without a Lump!

It takes a Villiage Kids and Youth Mentorship 

Description of Program: 
Cancer is relatively common among women of childbearing age. Approximately 1 in 8 women in the Western world develop breast cancer and more than a quarter of them do so while they have children living at home.  These children need support and we are here to help be that support.  

Fighting 4 the Tatas Breast Cancer Organization is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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​ ​Emergency Financial Assistance Program

Description of Program: The Financial Assistant Program is a temporary emergency financial program designed to assist women, men, and their families while undergoing breast cancer treatment. We help with emergency utilities (Funds Permitting).  We do not fund qualified applications directly. We pay directly to creditors on your behalf.  The current need is $50,000 to help 100 women, men, and their families

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​​​​​IBC Research and Awareness 

Description of Program: (For the Public) we want to increase the number of women and men obtaining knowledge and information regarding breast cancer and IBC and gaining access to resources such as, breast care services, other screening services such as ultra sounds, financial assistance, post treatment consultation and services, physical therapy treatments and overall health and wellness. Through our informational, website and support teams around the county, we aim to educate the public about this "Silent Killer."  (For the Medical community) we want to help the medical community find a cure and better ways of diagnosing patients and treating patients after diagnoses. 


Working Together to Further IBC Awareness and Support. Your gift will help make a difference.

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 All proceeds goes to help women, men and their families fighting breast cancer or for those families that has lost a loved one due to cancer.  All donations are fully tax deductible.    


Fighting 4 the Tatas Breast Cancer Organization Donations are Tax deductible and is wholly funded by generous individuals like you.  Every dollar you give goes to our many programs and free-of-charge services to women, men in treatment and their families.  No matter the amount of your donation, please be assured that your generosity is of significant importance.  You can donate securely through our PayPal and all donations are fully tax deductible.    

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